"I believe art can be an experience where one's will and knowledge is challenged and the desire for expression is realized…it's a great gift! Of course, my own spirituality, though immersed in life's constant demands, dwells in my work and it makes itself known. It is a constant reminder for me to 'Listen to Faith!"

- Martin


Martin has been working in metal for the past 26 years.


Beginning as a jeweler, he designed numerous lines each year for craft shows and retail stores. The bulk of his  work consisted of brass and base metals with a mixture of glass and various stones.


Despite his success, he became quite disappointed at the influx of overseas products that could be produced cheaper than his handcrafted designs, so he became inspired by metal sculpturing. …so I  felt a desire to express myself in other ways and was especially inspired with metal sculpturing. So, beginning in '99 I set my sights for a new expression, outside the jewelry field.


Our new metal work consists of copper, brass and steel. We experimented with various methods of finishing metal and through trial and error discovered a unique method of combining acids and enamels. The acids scar the metal and begin the patina process while the enamels add rich color and various shades.

The process is very different and we find it allows the metal to be exposed and yet the colors add a softness and aged quality to the finish.

We consider our designs to be an expression of creative originality combined with skillful formulas that allow for production and a certain amount of repetition. Martin works within his skills and resources and relies heavily on his imagination to find uses for things that are available to him.


At Martin Henry Designs, we feel that the skill of planning and designing items that are manufactured with productive formulas, are qualities that are equally important as creativity. 

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